Why Wear A Watch?

A moment in time.. 

Each moment in time captures a significance. 

Like fine wine, single-use wine terms like “mouthfeel,” “bouquet” and “legs” are more in favor compared to straightforward expressions like “texture,” “smell” and “weight”—a sort of linguistic Kon-Mari-ing of wine-talk clutter.  Like Fine Watchmaking, it is the excellence in craft, the techniques of watchmaking is symbiosis with the applied arts.

Wine embodies the finished work and appreciation that to a newly found boundless expression that recognises and admires the selection and beauty of the grapes, the fermentation process, the bottling and right to the palette of a connoisseur. 

A moment in time. Alas. that does not end with it but a creation of horological history and relevance to time, a moment in time distinguishes each time piece from the materials, methods of producing, hours of crafting a timepiece into perfection.

Watches stand the test of time. 

Photo by: Jonathan Pielmayer

As time ticks away, the silence of sound diminishes into nothingness but the wearer of a timepiece did not skip a heart beat as the wearer continues in the daily hustle and bustle of everyday life. Stopping to listen as the sound of the wristwatch takes over. 

The wearer alights the train, steadily struts down the similar path daily down to enter the wearer's favourite coffee joint. Flicking the wrist to check the precision of the moment in time to order a cuppa coffee. It gives the wearer the freshness of the day like how a warm brewed nicaraguan arabica coffee soothes the morning mind when timed perfectly.

A moment in time compels the wearer to wear the timepiece like a fashion statement. A proud owner of a wristwatch not only wears the watch to tell time, it gives the wearer the assurance of a moment in time that still strives to continue, it reflects back at the horological journey of how the watch made it to my wrist. 

The story, the people and the culture behind the watch gives the wearer hope to continue in the daily knowing that it was all planned decades ago, the foresight of a life of a watch lives on to foretell a story today. 

A moment in time today is often captured by a device like a camera, videocamera. It is interesting how a timepiece like Audemars Piguet captures the attention of a reader in a magazine that often tell about the timeless expression of the story and life history in one glance. 

Photo by: Sin Abrochar

Just like how the history of Rolex is inextricably linked to the visionary spirit of Hans Wilsdorf, its founder.

In 1908, Hans Wilsdorf tried combining the letters of the alphabet in every possible way. "This gave me some hundred names, but none of them felt quite right. One morning, while riding on the upper deck of a horse-drawn omnibus along Cheapside in the City of London, a genie whispered ‘Rolex’ in my ear." That was the beginning of an empire that till today, Rolex is one of the most recognised and trusted luxury watch makers in the world.

A wearer wears a watch as a trusted companion, a time in history for the future. 

A moment in time. A watch at a time. 

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