Where should you wear your watch? LEFT or Right wrist?


Are you one of those who wonder to which wrist should watch goes?

The left or the right wrist? It's Okay! I understand that there is a bit of confusion right there. Back in my childhood, I always look at my teacher; whom I considered a watch genius. I saw him wearing different watches every day. but one thing I have noticed is that I saw his watch worn on the left wrist and the other day on his right.

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One day I asked him, what's the correct way of wearing a watch?  should it be on the left or the right wrist?

He just smiled at me and said that it is more common to have it worn on the left wrist. As I grow older, I have realized that his answer doesn't make sense because I still see people have it on their left while some on the other.

Unlike other accessories, gems, or things where you could easily tell where would they be worn the moment you buy them. for example, ring, shoes, glasses, whatnot, But the watch is different.

I've seen a lot of people where they place their timepiece on their left hand. I assume that these people are right-handed meaning they have more force on their right hand (The Dominant). here's the one thing that you need to make sure tho when putting your watch on the left hand. The Crown; the button used to set the time should be on the top corner of the watch so it would be no hassle for your right hand in case you want to adjust the time.

There are very few who wear watches at their right hand, perhaps left-handed are lesser than right-handed. same to what I mentioned a while ago you have to make sure that the crown will stay on top. and for your benefit, when wearing your watch make sure that it's higher than your wrist bone and ensure it does not loosen this is for mobility of your hand.

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After I have researched a couple of information on the internet about watches. I have found out that either you have it worn on your left or your right hand the truth is it doesn't matter. for there is no rule saying that it should go with your left or the opposite hand not even in the etiquette of Fashion. Funny thing is that there are also people who used watches on both left and right at the same time. YUP!!! I know that's weird. imagine when someone asks you about the current time. you can just show them your both your hands with a worn watch. but I bet you will not do that because others may misinterpret your action. and in the end, you will be tagged as boastful.

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