S.M.A.R.T Guide in buying Watch Online

It can be exciting having a watch to wear on your wrist. Especially, when you know that what you wear suits your style and somehow reflects your personality. How comfortable right? but have you thought of buying yourself a wristwatch? While many believe that buying a watch online is easy, mainly because a lot of them are already available on the internet, whether a luxury or a microbrand. To some, it can be confusing knowing that there are multiple watches to choose from? Well, we have created a pattern that you may consider when buying a wristwatch online. Here is the S.M.A.R.T guide.

S is for Set Time 

Set time to check multiple designs online. From color to style, what attracts you most? Though appearance can be attractive, don't be deceived. know if the product is already tested? check for positive reviews if it doesn't have any. Move on! 

M is for Make List

From all the designs you saw, try to choose your top three and list them. Gather more details from those three items. Urge someone who can tell which one is suitable for you. 

This is how i make my list 

  1. Look for dial material (glossy, matte, forged carbon) 
  2. Look for movement mechanism (automatic, mechanical etc) 
  3. Look for case material (stainless steel, titanium etc) 
  4. Look for glass material (sapphire, K1 mineral etc) 

A is for Ask your self, is it within your budget?

I understand that you are excited to have that watch and we know you deserve it, but ask yourself is the price within your budget? You have to be honest. We don't want you to puncture your pocket and regret in the end.

Example: A Rolex has one of the highest hold value and resale value to price of purchase in the market 

R is for Rethink if it is the right one to buy

After you Identify the item if it is whin your budget, Rethink if it is the right one for you, Trust your instinct towards the product. Is it comfortable to wear? I bet you don't want to wear a heavy wristwatch? check on the description of the item or better ask direct the seller.

T is for Treat your Self

Perfect! Now, after you have done all four above. Treat yourself with that wristwatch that you deserved, Once you have it feel it! Enjoy it! be confident to show it, after all, you got it.

There you have it! That's the S.M.A.R.T guide we can share with you in purchasing your wristwatch online. To help you with finding the right watch for you, be sure to click here. You can also send us an inquiry here. we will be happy to assist you. 

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