5 Reasons Why a Watch Is A Great Gift

There are various reasons why we're giving gifts. Some of them are given; on a special occasion, a token of appreciation or simply to reward to yourself for that promotion or as a gift to remind you what time means to you. 

Giving a gift does not happen often so whenever we offer a gift, we make sure that it's worth it. The goal is to make the receiver ecstatic with the endowment and the surprise that comes with it, most watches bought are with some thought (there are impulse watch buying as well, well there's a Christmas sale on-going if you cant decide, hah.)

For me, one of the best gifts I can receive is a timepiece. Do check out on this post on how to recommend a watch to someone.

Below, let's explore together 5 Reasons Why a Watch is A Great Gift

1. Can be worn everyday

Unlike other jewellery, the watch is the usual accessory that we can use daily. This is because of its purpose. It gives us a sense of order in terms of planning for our day, it gives time a meaning looking at it through the details of how it tells time to us. It encourages us to be more mindful of spending, not just ours but also the time of others.

 2. It boost confidence

Watch is a fashion statement, boosting the confidence of the wearer. The impression of others towards you when you walk inside the room is different compared to when you're not wearing one. Watches also becomes a symbol of status that not everyone has the capability of owning, especially with the likes of high end watches like Patek Philippe, Hublot, Richard Mille, Audemars Piguet. these timepieces have a lasting legacy to boast about. 

3. A gift can't Be Forgotten

Indeed, getting this as a gift marks in your mind forever. Watch means time, and time is precious. Somehow you will feel a connection and affinity to a timepiece and it is very special especially if it is a gift. 

4. It's Functional

Everyone needs a time guide. As the saying goes "Time is Gold". With the help of a watch, it makes everything organized. In my own experience, I get to be more punctual when having a timepiece, it forces me to check the time before a meeting, checking my wrist during commute. 

5. Good Investment

Just like other things, a watch is a good investment too. You can store them in your collection, and as time goes by, its value increases tremendously with the rarity of pieces, movements that may seem normal yesterday, it may be a classic piece today.

Now that you have read this blog, I hope you get something helpful. Go ahead, wrap that watch now and hand it over to your special someone.

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