3 Types of Watches to Collect (with An Affordable Price Tag)

Most of us have the impression that if we collect watches, they have to be expensive and exquisite. Cost is often the benchmark of watches to collect. But what if I told you that instead of using price as an indication, you can use the type of activity that you have as the benchmark? What if I show you where to buy budget-friendly watches that adds a gem into your collection to fulfil the ensemble of activities in your lifestyle.

In this blog, I will share with you the types of watches you can own at an affordable price tag. Yeah, thank me later cause this is going to save you time and money. So without further ado, here are the three types of watches you can start collect.


  • This watch has two classification, a choice of having a metal band and/or leather band. Most watches come with these, so how do we differentiate a casual watch from a dress watch? A good way will be to match and pair with a simple t shirt, shorts, jeans or a shirt.
  • Normally the price of this watch is ranging not more than $200.
  • Here's where you can buy a casual watch at a very reasonable price.


  • From the word itself, a water-resistant watch, commonly used for underwater activity or any adventure. Most of the time, for aesthetically pleasing shots that reflects light or the glow in those bracelets. 
  • Perceived as the most expensive watch among the three, however, that's no longer the case because I have found out that you can buy them for under $300. What? Is that for real? YUP, it's real (P.s Monsieur will be launching a new series in 2021, can you guess which model of watches we will be showcasing?)


  • Simplest but is the most elegant type of watch. it's perfectly paired with suits, jackets, and more formal attire. There are two camps to this. Either a very simple dial with minimal details vs a complex dial, of course with a sophisticated exhibition case back to show the movement of the watch. 
  • We will look at affordable for today, one that suits (pun intended) 
  • This is my favourite type of watch, you can purchase this for around $200.

There you go I have just shared with you the three types of watches and stated their differences. I assume that by now you are ready to start your watch collection. I hope that this helps you. let me know what is your reactions and comments about this blog. Feel free to share this with your friends.

Allow me to end this by sharing with you this quote from Ian Fleming. "A gentleman’s choice of timepiece says as much about him as does his Saville Row suit."

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